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About us

Strictly Tattoo Inc. is a professional tattoo studio specializing in Irezumi, Japanese Traditional Art, and Custom Design body art. Our artists and guest artists have a specialty in their preferred genre which may include traditional to modern Japanese art (neo-traditional or new school), realism, portrait, Americana (old school & new school), abstract, watercolour, pointillism, geometric in black & grey, and/or colour. Strictly Tattoo Inc. strives to comply to artists and health standards using the most up to date technology. We use vegan friendly tattoo ink, single use tattoo needles, and single use disposable tubes. There are monthly spore tests on our autoclaves for any equipment and/or tools that are non-disposable.  For any inquiries, please click on our 'contact us' tab above.

Guest Spots

If you are interested in being a guest artist at our studio, please click here for more information

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