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Strictly Tattoo welcomes guest artists from all over the world. Below are a few talented artists who frequently visit. Visiting dates for guest artists will be added here as information becomes available so check back for updates!

If you are interested in being a guest artist at Strictly Tattoo Inc., please click here for more information.


Jen Lee Friesen (Saskatoon)

Instagram: @jenleeredtidetattoo
Visiting Feb 21-25, 2018 and Apr 17-19, 2018

Michie Kojima

Instagram: @tattoosbymichie
Visiting Mar 1-4, 2018

Johnny Le (Calgary)

Instagram: @johnnyletattoos
Visiting April 17-22

Steve M (Whitehorse)

Instagram: @stevemtattoos
Visiting May 27 - June 3, 2018

Chiwon An (Calgary)

Instagram: @chiwontattoo
Visiting June 18 - 22, 2018

Leon Sturgeon

Instagram: @leonsturgeontattoos
Visiting February 2018

Coco (Montreal)

Instagram: @cocotatts

Sofia Mittica (Toronto)

Instagram: @sofiamittica

Lars A. W. (Kelowna)


Visiting September 5-13, 2018